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New Year is already in sight. We are about to step into the New Year that we have never seen or experienced before.  A new book of opportunity is going to come our way this New Year, which needs to be used in the best way possible by every one of us.  It is always good to learn in life.  Life teaches us never ending the lesson and this year let us learn more and teach less.  Let us laugh more and cry less.  We should never search for the reason to laugh and make a reason to cry.  Instead turn very reason to laugh it out.

Let us appreciate more and criticize less.  Let us learn from the mistakes we have done in the past year before stepping into the New Year.  With a New Year come bigger challenges and opportunities.  We need to get ready to take up the challenges and opportunities no matter what instead of sitting ideal.  There is a saying that goes “ideal mind is devil’s workshop”.  So never let our mind sit ideal and let us not make it a workshop for devils’.

happy new year 2017 fb wallapapers

Facebook is the topmost social networking site used by millions of users all over the world.  It is loaded with ultimate features and is used as a communication medium by many people.  It connects people from different parts of the world.  It has not just become a medium of communication, but also a medium to share thoughts and ideas with known and unknown people.  The most and best-used feature of Facebook is its FB covers.  FB covers have been a popular topic since its debut.  People at frequent interval change their FB covers.  The occasional change of FB covers has been a trend lately.

People are changing their FB cover depending on the occasion let that occasion be a festival or some other important family occasion.  One such occasion for which people download this FB covers in huge numbers is New Year.  Yes!  New Year FB covers are tres popular and are used by many FB users on the occasion of New Year eve.  So, keeping that in mind we have banded together some appealing New Year FB covers for you.  You can download them from our page and can set them as your FB cover on the New Year eve.

Happy New Year Facebook Timeline Cover Pics:

happy new year 2017-fb-greeting-hd-wallpapers-  happy-new-year-2017-hd-greeting-cards-for-friends happy new year greeting cards for whatsapphappy new year 2017 facebook images New Year FB Cover Photo, Images to Friends:

happy new year 2017 hd wallpapershappy new year 2017 fb covers pics  happy new year 2017 facebook cover

Happy new year 2017 Facebook Status:

  • Vanish everything thats bad, welcome everything thats good wish you a very happy new year.
  • May the spirit of the season of New year fill your heart with serenity and peace. Wish you a happy new year!
  • Lets ring this new year with only good things wish you a happy new year.
  • With all warmth of heart, I wish you a pleasant beautiful and wonderful New Year.
  • May god gift you a style to convert your dream into reality in this new year. Wish you Happy new year.
  • I wish you cross many milestones and to your destination this year. I wish a very happy new year.
  • Joy, happiness, love and good health all these I wish for you this new year. Wish you Happy new year.
  • “I made no resolutions for the New Year. The habit of making plans, of criticizing, sanctioning and molding my life,
    is too much of a daily event for me.” ?
  • Make your New Year a blast of fun! Celebrate the new beginning with fireworks and greet your friends and family on the eve of new year 2017
  • May this New Year be an adventurous journey for you to explore new avenues and reach heights of success.
  • This New Year, may you bring joy to your loved ones and be surrounded by laughter and gaiety all the year round.
  • “As years passed away I have formed the habit of looking back upon that former self as upon another person,
    the remembrance of whose emotions has been a solace in adversity and added zest to the enjoyment of prosperity.
  • Wishing you a great New year full of good experiences and grandest success.
    Hope you enjoy every moment of the new year to come.
  • New Year 2017 is here celebrate new year eve sending best happy new year sms ever to your pal and sweetheart.
  • *** TWINKLE TWINKLE *** LITTLE STAR*** kya kahte hai mere yaar
    mubarak ho aapko ye naya saal badhta raha hamara pyaar A VRY VRY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017

New year 2017 Fb Greetings For Friends and Family:

Sparkling Crackers Colorful Night Sweetest Bite Smiling Faces Delicious Dishes Only Luv, No Fear Let’s Welcome the New Year.

As 2016 leaves, may it take away with it all your sorrows and worries.
As 2017 arrives, may it bring with you unadulterated happiness and prosperity.

Let the New Year bring you promises of a better tomorrow
wrapped in the love of near and dear ones…………………happy new year sms in english

You are my consolation for
Having such tough parents.
Thanks for being so easy to talk
To when I need advice.

“New Year is a time for celebration,
of love, of life, of Friendship,
Therefore, it is the time to thank God,
for the wonderful friends,
and to bring to their lives,
as much magic as they bring to ours,
Have a happy and a memorable holiday!”

S_ccess Year
S_ccess months
S_ccess weeks
S_ccess days
S_ccess hours
S_ccess minutes
S_ccess seconds
All are waiting for \”U\”…!! 2017
Happy New Year Wishes…


!’–.___.–‘! got a
i________i CARD.
Open it…
§ H A P P Y §

Lets welcome the year which is fresh
Lets welcome the year which is new,
Lets cherish each moment it beholds,
Lets celebrate this blissful new year.

HNY 2017 Facebook Messages for Family and Colleagues:

Wishing you a New Year that’s
Sparking with Fun N Masti..
Bursting with Joy N Love…
& crackling with cheers N laughter!

Remember the laughter,
the joy,
the hard work,
and the tears.
And as you reflect on the past year,
also think of the new one to come.
Because most importantly,
this is a time of new beginnings
and the celebration of life.”
Happy New Year

Jan 1st 2017 Facebook Greetings:

May The Year 2017 Bring for You….
Happiness,Success and filled with Peace,
Hope & Togetherness of your Family & Friends….
Wishing You a…*HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017*

Hey! It’s me here…
Wish a big hug to say
May all your dreams…
come true this year
Happy New Year 2017.

2017 is bowing out…New year 2017 is here
Shake your body, do a turn….
Wishing you 365 days of rocking fun!
24/7 days smiles N success
24/7 days cheers N laughter
Have amazing fantabulous New Year

In this New Year….
Mày Good Health N Good Times
Mày Good Luck N Good Fortune
Alwàys with you
Hàppy New Year


Wishing you a year of
Happiness & Success
Peace & Prosperity
Health & Wealth
Also a Year of
Love & Laughter
Happy New Year

May every day of the New year glow
with good cheer and good times for
You and Your Family
Wish You A Prosperous
Happy New Year

End of season Sale….
B I G Sale 2016
Only 1 year used
in very good condition
Discount 70%
Happy New Year

May this new year god grants you five things;
Sun, to warm you,
Moon to charm you,
An Angel to protect you,
True love, to care for you,
A friend, to listen to you!!

May this new year be a step forward,
In leading you to new adventures,
New roads to explore and new success to reach!
Happy New Year 2017

Fill ur life with Happiness & Bright Cheer,
Bring to u Joy and Prosperity for the whole Year,
And it’s my New Year wish 4u Dear…

Keep the smile
Leave the tear,
Hold the laugh,
Leave the pain,
Think of joy,
Forget the fear,
Be joyous, coz
It’s new year ! Happy new year 2017

Just as a new bloom spreads
fragrance and freshness around…
May the new year add a new beauty
and freshness into your life.

May the lamps of joy, illuminate your life and fill your days with
the bright sparkles of peace, mirth and goodwill. Happy New Year…………………happy new year messages for friends

I met love, health, peace and joy,
They needed a permanent place to stay.
I gave them ur address hope they arrived safely.
Happy New Year 2017

Everything which inspires u,
everything which means most 2 u,
everything that makes u smile& brings u joy ………………………..best happy new year wishes for friends
i wish 4 u in the new year.


Young hearts that R full of cheers, With never a thought of sorrows.
The old goes out, but the glad Young Year 2017 Comes merrily in tomorrow.

Its The Last Evening Of 2017.
So Wish U A Very Happy Evening.
Also Wish U Great Days In 2017
All Upcoming Years In Ur Life, Filled With joy.

Before the First Golden Sun of 2014 Rises,
Let me decorate each of the Rays with Wishes of Success
and Happiness 4 u and 4 ur Family.HAPPY NEW YEAR


New is the year, new are the hopes and the aspirations,
new is the resolution, new are the spirits and forever my warm wishes are for u.
Have a promising and fulfilling new year.

new lover,
new friends,
new food,
new places,
new films,
new jobs,
new style,
new songs,
new, new, new
Happy new year,
2017, for all friends

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